• JustCBD- Massage Oil

    Just CBD Massage Oil with a Warming Effect is among the most popular products used by professional massage therapists. Whether at home or in a spa, the powerful hemp product allows hands to glide over the skin with no friction whatsoever. After all, the CBD oil for massages is smooth, rather than greasy. Meanwhile, the subtle pleasant smell of cinnamon isn’t overbearing. As an added bonus, a user doesn’t have to worry about leaving any stains on their clothes or sheets, as all the ingredients are completely organic. Relax, it’s JustCBD Massage Oil.

    JustCBD- Massage Oil

  • JustCBD Roll On – 350mg

    When you need pain relief for inflamed, tensed-up muscles and joints, JustCBD has the answer in a convenient, no-mess tube.
    Made with natural menthol and organic CBD, icy-hot therapy is one application away.
    While the CBD works to target inflammation, menthol creates a cooling sensation in the muscles before going warm to help ease your pain. And in its neat roll-on applicator, you won’t have to
    worry about residue on your hands.
    To use, simply apply to the affected area as recommended. For external uses only.
  • JustCBD Roll On – 200mg

    Sometimes, you don’t just need pain relief, you need pain relief that’s fast-acting, effective, and can be taken on the go.
    Luckily, when you need it, JustCBD’s here for you, and it’s in the form of their convenient, 200 mg soothing roll-on.
    Made with natural menthol and pure, American-grown hemp, this roll-on provides cooling relief to help target pain and inflammation. And with its compact, 2oz container, relief is more
    accessible than ever before.
  • JustCBD – CBD Coconut Oil

    If you thought coconut oil couldn’t get any more versatile, wait until you see what it does with CBD from JustCBD.

    Besides 360 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this superfood also gives a ton of unique health benefits: for starters, coconut oil naturally contains lauric acid, which our bodies convert into the antiviral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal compound monolaurin.

    Customers love JustCBD-infused coconut oil and all the things they can do with it:

    -enjoy it raw by the spoonful
    -butter substitute
    -oil pulling
    -massage oil
    -tattoo healing
    -fading stretch marks

  • JustCBD- CBD Infused Pain Cream (100 mg)

    Whether you want your pain relief more on the go, or you’re just looking to give CBD topicals a test run, JustCBD’s classic CBD Infused Pain Cream is here to give you the relief you’re looking
    for, all in the convenience of a portable 2 oz bottle.
    Formulated with organic botanicals like aloe, witch hazel, neem oil and rose water, this pain cream is rich with skin-saving antioxidants, while hemp-derived CBD extract takes over as the
    star of the show.
    Keep it in your space, or take it on the go: this compact pain cream can go in your pocket, purse or car cup holder. Wherever you are, this pain cream will be ready to give you on-the-go relief.


    Fragrance Free

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