7 Point Naturals

Since entering the competitive CBD market in 2017, 7 Point Naturals has grown into one of the most popular brands in the business. All of their CBD items are manufactured in-house. At the same time, every product is created from hemp, rather than THC-heavy marijuana. That means the goods don’t make people high and are legal in all 50 States. Everything is organically grown in Winchester, Kentucky, as well as third party tested to ensure consumer safety. Their laboratory results are made available on the internet for consumers. 7 Point Naturals even offers a money back guarantee, which is always a good sign.

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7 Point Naturals Pure CBD Products

7 Point Naturals states that its primary focus is attention to all the little details and strives to sell the most compatible CBD on the market. In fact, they have partnered up with the reputable hemp farmers GenCanna to achieve a single goal: providing top quality CBD merchandise to the public. 7 Point Naturals strives to educate consumers about the numerous physical and emotional benefits of CBD merchandise for sale. The company claims that their products help people to calm their nerves and fight off illnesses. While feedback is often positive for 7 Point Naturals’ CBD products and their affects in buyers’ systems, users also claim they don’t really help individuals’ immune systems.

Here at AndOtherBrands.com, we do all the homework for you. That way, the average buyer of CBD goods can stay well-informed and make wise decisions when making a purchase. AndOtherBrands.com knows that it all begins with the manufacturing. Other factors considered include the various effects on the body along with the packaging and the prices. With the best CBD supplier only a click away, there is no reason to throw away your hard-earned money on anything less than the best CBD merchandise online. Discover what AndOtherBrands.com has found about 7 Point Naturals CBD items.

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7 Point Naturals CBD Relief Roll-On

Meant to provide relief to sore muscles and throbbing joints, 7 Point Naturals CBD Relief Roll-On is a topical pain gel. Applied every 4 to 6 hours, the roll-on is made with menthol and wintergreen oil, supplying one’s system with hot and cold relief. As a direct result, your body should become nice and loose. Daily strains should be minimized, along with the recovery time after working out. Supposedly, there are not any greasy spots to be left on a person’s skin or clothes.
While the 3 oz roll-on bottle is labeled 400 mg of menthol infused CBD, the photo on the business webpage shows a 200 mg container of CBD for $39.95. Which is it? Does a buyer get the full 400 mg of CBD or only half that amount?

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7 Point Naturals CBD Topical Salve

7 Point Naturals’ 200 mg CBD skin cream is made to rub onto painful body parts, along with irritated skin and inflamed joints on a daily basis. Made for before and after working out, the CBD product quickly absorbs into the skin, making it one of the fasted acting CBD items available. Meanwhile, the topical CBD doesn’t interfere with a user’s digestive system.
The 1 oz tin container of CBD skin topical sells for almost $24.95 on the 7 Point Naturals website. A whopping 99% of the cream is made of cannabidiol, with hemp oil, beeswax, coco butter and shea butter all mixed in. Dry skin should be repaired in no time.

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7 Point Naturals Full Spectrum CBD Drops

7 Point Naturals’ Full-Spectrum CBD drops come in three options, 500 mg, 1000 mg and 2000 mg. Men and women tend to appreciate fast acting drops of CBD because they are rather easy to administer. With the best CBD tincture, you can feel calm and cool. Physical and emotional relaxation becomes a piece of cake. Your body can recover more efficiently after exercise too.
Ranging from $60 to $140 on the web, every 7 Point Naturals’ 30 ml bottle of full spectrum CBD oil comes with a 1 ml dropper. You can get an accurate dose every time. Simply place the CBD under your tongue and hold it there for approximately 30 seconds. Otherwise, you can drop it into your coffee or tea. Your mind and body should feel the relaxing benefits of CBD right away, even if consumers often prefer a more powerful full spectrum CBD oil.

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To Sum It Up

Make sure to check out 7 Pont Naturals’ CBD gummies, terp sauce, moisturizer and vape cartridge. Remember, the company offers natural hemp merchandise from within the United States. They have favorable customer care and lab verified test results. It is too bad that their merchandise doesn’t seem to be as potent as the leading CBD companies in the competitive industry.

  • 7 Point CBD Gummies 300mg


    CBD Gummies – 300 mg

    These gummy bear edibles are an exceptionally tasty way to acquire your CBD, but what’s important is that you’re not just going to taste it, you’re going to feel the CBD in these tasty treats.

    7 Point Naturals is all about helping their customers obtain balance through the help of CBD, and they strive to create quality CBD products and full transparency. This Florida-based company obtains their hemp and extracts through the licensed farm, GenCanna, and manufactures their products in house in their ISO7 cleanroom for optimal control of quality.

    All material is 3rd part lab-tested for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and residual solvents.

    In each gummy, you’ll find about 10 mg CBD and a delicious flavor that’ll be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    7 Point CBD Gummies 300mg



    JustCBD makes their bath bombs with the same quality CBD found in all of their topical formulas, and enhances its soothing inflammatory properties with the benefits of fragrant essential oils: The soothing bath bomb contains Lavender and Hawaiian Black Salt, while refreshing bath bomb will envelop you in eucalyptus & spearmint.

    Whether you’re feeling under the weather, or simply need a pick me up; simply fill up the tub at your desired temperature and drop one of these babies in!




    In this exclusive bundle, you’ll find:

    Muscle & Joint CBD Hemp Cream – 500 mg – 1000 mg
    CBD Calming Balm – 750 mg Hemp Infused CBD Balm
    Save your skin and your wallet, while still enjoying the same quality that CBDfx is known for producing.


  • CBD Hemp Cream- Muscle & Joint 500mg/1000mg-CBDFX


    If your muscles are stressed and overworked, give them the breather they need with CBD, along with the benefits of white willow bark, which is known for its powerful ability to may relieve pain, along with caffeine to invigorate the muscles and flood them with antioxidants, so that your recovery is speedy and restful.
    usp water, menthol, hydroxylated lecithin, carbomer, caffeine anhydrous, sodium bicarbonate, white willow bark extract 98%, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, tocopheryl acetate, sodium benzoate

    CBD Hemp Cream- Muscle & Joint 500mg/1000mg-CBDFX

  • CBDfx Gummies For Sleep With Melatonin

    For so many of us, melatonin just doesn’t cut it. Thankfully, CBDfx found a way to mitigate it with the help of CBD. Each of these delicious gummies contains broad-spectrum CBD with the benefits of melatonin, which work in tandem for a better night’s sleep that’ll leave you feeling especially refreshed in the morning. Plus, you’ll love the flavor of passionflower, chamomile and lemon balm.
    CBDfx proudly formulates their products with organic, non-GMO hemp and vegan, all-natural
    ingredients. All of their batch test results are readily available on the company’s site.
    To get the best out of these gummies, it’s recommended to take 2 an hour before bedtime.

    CBDfx Gummies For Sleep With Melatonin



    While we love the weight loss & blood sugar benefits that have been linked in studies t apple cider vinegar, we can’t say the same for the way it tastes.

    CBDfx gummies are formulated with broad spectrum CBD, giving you a fantastic dose of cannabinoids, as well as a delicious apple cider flavor with just a hint of luscious pomegranate, without that strong, vinegar aftertaste!


  • CBDFX Oil Vape Additive 120mg


    If you’ve been using vape additives, and want to raise your cannabinoid intake a bit; our 120mg (per 10 mL) Vape Additive is just what you need.

    This formula is ideal for those who are no longer completely new to CBD, but aren’t ready to try the higher concentrations.

    CBDFX Oil Vape Additive 120mg

  • CBDFX Oil Vape Additive 500mg


    Introducing CBDFX’s most potent & concentrated Vape Additive yet! This formula is perfect for those who’ve repeatedly found themselves running out of their vape additives and need something a little more concentrated. This 500 mg Vape Additive may produce the best bang for your buck.

    To use Vape Additive, start by adding half a drop to a tank of CBD vape juice, or start with a full drop if you want to start with a higher dosage before working your way up.

    CBDFX Oil Vape Additive 500mg

  • CBDFX Oil Vape Additive Trio Pack


    Interested in boosting your vape oil…but not sure where to start with Vape Oil Additives? How about trying them all!

    In this bundle, you’ll get CBDFX’s Vape Additive in 3 different dosages: 60 mg, 120 mg and 300 mg, brought together for convenience and neatly wrapped up with a nice discount.

    To use Vape Additive, start by adding half a drop to the CBD vape juice devivce; or start with a full drop with a higher dosage, before working your way up.

    CBDFX Oil Vape Additive Trio Pack

  • CBDfx Snooze Set

    If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, maybe you just need a little extra self-care, so why not give it a boost of CBD while you’re at it?
    The CBD Snooze Set by CBDfx includes the brand’s favorites for a good night’s sleep: start out your night with the CBD Ultra-Moisturizing Balm, which contains 750 mg of CBD in one compact
    tin, and take your night of pampering with their Lavender CBD Face Mask.
    Finish off your with the ticket to dreamland with their special blend of gummies, which combine CBD and melatonin to promote restful sleep.
    And to top off your slumber, you can sleep especially easy knowing that all products are made
    with organic, non-GMO hemp.

    CBDfx Snooze Set

  • CBDFX Vape Pen – Tropic Breeze


    For those who don’t have the time to deal with charging, filling, and cleaning their vape pen; this disposable vape pen, from CBDFX will get you the relief you need in record time. Plus, with it’s “tropic breeze” flavor, you’ll enjoy the juicy taste of ripe mangoes with a refreshing finish.

    CBDFX Vape Pen – Tropic Breeze


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